About Alerts

Your Linkr device is capable of alerting you in many different scenarios. Below is a description of each alert. All alerts are sent to all saved Alert Receivers in the device settings screen.

ATTN ANDROID USERS: Some phones have a native messaging app that breaks the location link. If the link does not work for you, it is recommended to download a messaging app like Google Messenger and make it your default messaging app.

Vehicle Conditions

  • Security System Triggered: If your Linkr is connected to a vehicle security system, it is capable of detecting when the alarm is triggered and will send you a message. If it's connected to 'Linkr Compatible' Omega security system, it will also tell you which alarm zone was triggered.

  • Low Vehicle Battery: If the Linkr loses power completely (and the internal backup battery is enabled) OR, if your vehicle's battery drops below 11 volts for longer than 30 seconds, you will be alerted. Don't get stranded due to a failing vehicle battery!

  • Panic: Whenever the panic button in the car is held for 3 seconds or someone presses the 'Mobile Panic' button on the app control screen, all alert receivers will be notified.

GPS Alerts

  • Heart-beat/Auto-Track: If enabled, you will receive a heart-beat alert at the scheduled time including a location update.

  • GPS Signal Lost: When enabled in device settings, the device will send you an alert if GPS signal is lost for more than 5 minutes. NOTE: GPS searching is only active while the vehicle's ignition is on or the device is in motion.

  • Security Fence: Whenever you send a LOCK or SECURITY FENCE ON command to your device, the security fence is enabled and creates a geo-fence around your device with a 100 meter radius. If the device leaves the security fence before you send UNLOCK or SECURITY FENCE OFF, you will be alerted that the device has left the area.

  • Geo-fence: There are 2 Geo-fences available for each Linkr device. They are configured on the GPS settings page of your device(s). If enabled, you will be alerted when the device leaves or enters the geo-fence. The alerts will indicate whether Geo-fence#1 or Geo-fence#2 was violated.
    NOTE: If GPS signal is lost for an extended period, you may receive an unexpected Geofence alert to indicate that the device has found GPS reception and has just reset its ENTER/EXIT geofence status.
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