Adding & Editing Devices

Adding A Linkr Device

NOTE: The device must already be installed and configured by your dealer before you can add it to your phone.
MULTIPLE USERS: If this device has already been added to another user's phone, the new user must be added to the original user's app as alert receiver 2, 3, 4, or 5. Then, copy all settings to the new user's phone. IMPORTANT: Match the order of all alert receivers on all phones to be used. Otherwise, functionality may be affected.

  • STEP 1: If you're not already on the HOME screen, press the HOME button.
  • STEP 2: Press the ADD button.
  • STEP 3: Enter a name for this device.
  • STEP 4: Enter the phone number for this device exactly as it would need to be dialed.
  • STEP 5: Enter the configuration code that was given to you by your Dealer/Installer. TIP: All '0' characters are the number zero.
  • STEP 6: Enter the 'Alert Receiver Primary' phone number. This is usually your mobile phone number and must be able to receive SMS text messages.
    IMPORTANT: If this is left blank, the device is in test mode and can be controlled by any other phone.
  • STEP 7: Enter any additional alert receivers you'd like to be able to control the device and receive alerts.
    IMPORTANT: Match the order of all alert receivers on all phones to be used. Otherwise, functionality may be affected.
  • STEP 8: Change any other settings you'd like (descriptions below) and press SAVE.

    iPhone Users: Commands will be loaded into the message format. You'll need to press SEND to confirm. This is a limitation of iOS.
    Android users: Commands will be sent immediately when you press the button.


Device Settings

  • Device Name: This is a friendly name you can choose for each device. It's a good idea to use something descriptive so you can easily tell it apart from your other Linkr devices.

  • Device Mobile Number: This is your device's mobile phone number. Enter it exactly as it needs to be dialed from your phone. The app communicates directly with your device via encoded SMS text messages.

  • Configuration Code: FOR WIRED DEVICES ONLY. This tells the APP & the device which functions are available for this device. It would have been given to you by your installer.

  • Alert Receiver Primary: This tells the device who the primary user is. It also locks the device to only accept commands from this number and any other alert receivers you've saved. If you don't enter your number here, the device will accept commands from any phone.
    NOTE FOR VEHICLE APPLICATIONS: If you accidentally save the wrong alert receiver number, the device will no longer respond to your phone. Follow the steps below to manually reset the number:

    1. Turn the ignition key to the ON/RUN position (do not start) 5 times within 10 seconds. This will unlock the device to receive a new Alert Receiver Primary for 5 minutes.
    2. Make sure the Alert Receiver Primary phone number is correct and press SAVE.
  • If you were successful, you will receive a message from the device confirming that settings were updated.

  • Alert Receivers 2-5: These are secondary users who can control the device and receive alerts. They can also update settings so choose wisely!
    IMPORTANT: Match the order of all alert receivers on all phones to be used. Otherwise, functionality may be affected.

  • SIM card balance inquiry code (LINKR-MOBILE-2G Only): If your device's SIM card provider has a SMS code that allows you to check your remaining SIM balance, enter the code here. When you press the 'SIM balance' button on the control screen, the device will request its balance and forward it to you. NOTE: 'Pass through messages' must be turned on.

  • Receive Function Confirmations: When on, the device will send a confirmation message for every control command you send. If you have a lite or limited service plan, turning this off can save you up to half of your messaging plan.

  • Pass Through Messages: When on, the device will forward any messages to you that were received from any phone number that is not an alert receiver.

  • GPS Signal Lost Alert: When on, the device will send you an alert if GPS signal is lost for more than 5 minutes. NOTE: GPS searching is only active while the vehicle's ignition is on or the device is in motion.

  • Update Device Firmware Button: This will cause the device to check for firmware updates. NOTE: A data plan is required for this to function & you will typically be notified by email or within your app when a firmware update is available.

  • Device Icon: You can select a custom image for each of your devices. There are many images included in the app. There is an optional feature available as an in-app purchase to use any picture from your phone.


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