Omega Keyless Remote Start Systems Now Feature VIRTUAL ALARM

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping new Excalibur 60-series remote start line up which includes the new VIRTUAL ALARM feature.
In developing the new 60 Series, the most important addition is the Virtual Alarm function. This programmable feature allows you to upgrade any 60 series "RS" system to have full security. Every 60 series "RS" system can go from Keyless Entry & Remote Start to Alarm & Remote Start in seconds.

Traditionally, most remote start units have always included the bulk of what is required to add Alarm functionality (Horn Honk/Siren output, Flashing lights output, Lock/Unlock, etc.), the unit was just missing door trigger inputs, sensor input, and the required firmware to tie it all together. In our 60 series, all RS units have a programmable feature where the installer can turn "On" the Alarm functionality.

If you're using an OmegaLink OL-MDB-ALL module, or another compatible module, and the vehicle you're working on provides "door trigger" through the databus, the module will feed them to the RS unit, and you're done! You now have basic security with zero extra installation. If you want to build on that basic security you can add a new AU-84TDP data shock sensor to get Dual-Zone shock sensor protection, as well as analog door trigger inputs in case your data bypass or vehicle do not support databus door status.
Every 60 series RS unit is equipped with a 1 amp negative horn/siren driver to honk the vehicle horn during Alarm trigger. Through programming, this output can be changed to be "Steady" for driving a siren.
The VIRTUAL ALARM feature allows any 60 series "RS" system on your shelf to be installed and tailored to your customer's needs, while providing you with upsell opportunities.