Omega Introduces a New "Data" Shock Sensor

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping its first "Data" shock sensor. The AU-84TDP plugs into either of the 2 dataports included on all Omega 60 series "RS" Remote Start units, turning the remote starter into a full Security/Remote Start combo system.
The AU-84TDP is a dual zone magnetic shock sensor that connects to the 60 series Remote Starter via the data port so that you don't lose a port and can daisy-chain another device or module.
This sensor also has analog door trigger inputs for vehicles that do not require a data bypass or use a bypass that does not support door trigger through data.
Since the AU-84TDP is built on the same proven sensor platform as the AU-84Tn, sensitivity and reliability will be familiar to the installer. The AU-84TDP will also work as an analog sensor on any of the 50 & 60 series EDPB systems if needed.