Sunday, July 13, 2014

Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce it is now shipping the SM-TP-71P Tire Pressure Monitoring System. With the new SM-TP-71P, you can add a wireless TPMS system to any car in less than 15 minutes. Simply replace all four valve caps with Omega's tire pressure sensors and plug the display into the cigarette lighter port of the vehicle. The display has a built in receiver that communicates with the 4 tire sensors, so there is absolutely nothing else to install. 

• Displays in PSI units
• Automatically detects whether the engine is running to power on/off
• Sensor batteries last up to 2 years
• Real-time monitoring above ~12MPH
• Includes black & silver sensor covers
• Fits standard passenger tire valve stem
• Fast/Slow leakage alarm
• High Temperature alarm
• High/Low pressure alarm (47/25Psi)
• Includes English & Spanish instructions
• Comes in attractive retail packing with built-in display hanger
• Recommended for passenger vehicles only (~32Psi running pressure)