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                       Remotes will only send
                       commands to the system

                       Remotes send commands and
                       receive confi rmations from
                       the system

                       Utilizes the OEM remote to
                       activate the system by pressing
                       the lock button 3 times
                       Add-on remote kit provides
                       extended range for OEM
                       controlled systems


                        [ ACTUAL SIZE ]
                                                                  CrimeStopper, the leader in 12 volt convenience products,
                                                                  offers a full array of remote starts, alarms and remote
                                                                  start units with built–in alarms. With today’s vehicles
                                                                  being more complicated to integrate into, we carry a
      2                                                           full lineup of the latest integration modules to allow a
                                                                  seamless installation of all of our convenience systems.
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