Unauthorized Transmitter Alert

The Problem: Unauthorized Transmitters
All keyless entry systems and car alarms can respond to thousands of remote transmitters. Manufacturers want you to be able to add remotes to the system in case you lose yours or want to give one to a family member. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. One transmitter can operate hundreds of vehicles like a master key. Within seconds, mechanics, car wash attendants, salespeople and valet attendants can program their remote transmitter to work your system and the systems of hundreds of other customers, giving them undetected access to all the vehicles.

The Crime: Unauthorized Entry
If you’ve seen the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds,” you realize how efficient thieves are. They no longer need to “clone” your remote transmitter; they can add an entirely new one and they do not need your transmitter to do it. Once they program your system to respond to their remote transmitters, they gain access to your car’s contents and the personal information (like your home address) you keep in the glove compartment. Thieves can come to your home, use their transmitter to disable your alarm, and steal your laptop, garage door opener, golf clubs and tool kit. Because you won’t see signs of forced entry, you won’t file a police report. And the thieves can repeat the crime again and again.

The Solution: Unauthorized Transmitter Alert™
When transmitters are added or deleted from your system, an audible alert will sound each time you turn on the ignition for the next 48 hours. For additional safety, an LED light will blink equal to the number of transmitters programmed to work your system. If an unauthorized change has been made, you can delete it, preventing unknown persons from gaining access to your vehicle.

Report The Crime
If items in your car repeatedly disappear or your car was stolen after you armed the car alarm, your system may have been penetrated by thieves. If you think unknown individuals have access to your car, please call 800-554-4053 and report the crime. Then, protect your vehicle by purchasing an alarm or keyless entry system equipped with Unauthorized Transmitter Alert™ (UTA). If your system doesn’t have UTA, then your vehicle and its contents are not secure.

UTA alerts you to any changes in your remote transmitter, so you can detect and defeat high-tech thieves.

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